Decentralization isn’t something that happens passively. As IBC chains grow and expand, there will be increasing need for decentralization in the organizational structure of the validators that secure these chains. We are building our DAO to showcase the value of this decentralization through a reward system, funded by validator profits, that incentivizes community members to not only be delegators, but also active participants in governance, promotion, and development on the chains we secure.

Decentralization also doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We actively work with other validators and contributors in the ecosystem to support collaboration and shared mental-models of how to best grow our chains and the ecosystem they support. Together we can achieve more than the sum of our parts!

Join us as we reimagine what is possible through collaboration!

Core Team
Our Core Team is a collective of individuals from across the globe.
Each person brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the table.<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"%20class=""%20style="color:#25b1fc;%20"><i%20class="fab%20fa-twitter"%20style="margin:5px;"></i></a>
Founder & System Administrator
Marco Rinaldi

Marco is the founder of Kleomedes and has over 12 years of experience as a Linux system administrator. He previously operated a validator known as before deciding to execute on his vision to create a decentralized validator in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Marco's decision to rebrand as Kleomedes was a natural progression of his passion for decentralization. In addition to building a private data center to host our bare metal systems, Marco is one of the most upvoted users of /r/linuxmasterrace under various nicknames, and has a [not-so] secret aversion for Arch Linux users and the "I use Arch btw" meme.

Marco enjoys watching F1 and MotoGP on the weekends, with Kimi Raikkonen and Casey Stoner being two of his favorite all-time drivers. He was also a dedicated hardcore punk listener and rocked a pretty sweet mullet in his twenties.<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"%20class=""%20style="color:#25b1fc;%20"><i%20class="fab%20fa-twitter"%20style="margin:5px;"></i></a>
Node Operator & Software Developer
Jason Novinger

Jason is a software engineer with 14 years of experience. He has worked on backend web projects using Python and C#, along with some frontend work in React, bare JS. He has also done some development work on Android with Java and Kotlin.

He's just now getting into blockchain development, specifically CosmWasm contracts using Golang and Rust. Jason is deeply committed to the Cosmos ecosystem, contributing to projects including EcoStake's REStake tool, Cosmos Hub's chain-registry, and several projects’ documentation.

Outside of the ones and zeroes, Jason enjoys keeping up with baseball and watching a good comedy, whether on TV or in the theater. He's lucky to live in a warm place where he gets to play softball nearly year round!<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"%20class=""%20style="color:#25b1fc;"><i%20class="fab%20fa-twitter"%20style="margin:5px;"></i></a>
Business Development & Community Management

Although he has only worked in the crypto sphere for a year, Avi has leveraged his interpersonal skills to strengthen his acumen in business development and community management. He enjoys creating structure within communities, and currently manages communities with a combined 50,000+ users.

Avi has developed a deep network in the blockchain world and has a passion for bringing the right people together. He leads most of our inter-project collaborations and is always on the lookout for ways the Kleomedes community can add value to other projects in the Cosmos Ecosystem.

When Avi is AFK, his interests include bouldering and sport climbing. Through his love of pebble wrestling, Avi has learned to embrace – and even crave – failure as a means for personal growth. Climbing has also taught him the importance of periodically stepping back to approach problems from a different perspective.<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"%20class=""%20style="color:#25b1fc;%20"><i%20class="fab%20fa-twitter"%20style="margin:5px;"></i></a>
Economist and Treasury Management

Cman is an Engineering/MBA Graduate with 6 years of experience in managing the operations of a major Australian commodity manufacturing business. Cman brings expertise in business management theory, particularly sociology and economics, and has used this expertise to advise on tokenomics for a number of projects across EVM ecosystems – Cman is now wanting to bring his experience to the Cosmos.

Cman is passionate about blockchain technology and wants to help bring crypto into mainstream adoption. In doing so, he wants to integrate the lessons he has learned from conventional economics and business theory. In his spare time, Cman is learning Solidity and JavaScript and has a passion for gardening and sci-fi novels.<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"%20class=""%20style="color:#25b1fc;%20"><i%20class="fab%20fa-twitter"%20style="margin:5px;"></i></a>
Governance and Project Management

Trigs is a business analyst with an emphasis in project requirements definition, community/team management, and technical writing. Trigs is applying his experience with product development and small business management to the crypto space to help projects build real value through proper market fit, sustainable tokenomics, and community governance.

Beyond crypto, Trigs likes working on old trucks and cars, landscaping/gardening, and spending time in the great outdoors. You'll often find him tinkering in his shop or yard if he's not in front of the computer. He's also a home theater junky who loves a good movie or tv show, especially sci-fi.
Software Developer

Ci is a Computer Science Engineer, now working as a researcher on authorization mechanisms in cloud/edge environments. In his academic studies, he has explored many technologies and has worked with several backend programming languages.

His interest in blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies began in 2021. Ci considers these technologies to be innovative solutions for many business applications and looks forward to working on these types of projects within Kleomedes. In his free time, he loves playing football and traveling around the world.
Software Developer

Jazz is a Software Engineer with 6 years of experience. He considers himself a data engineer and has primarily worked on machine learning related projects. In addition to his backend knowledge, he also has some prior experience with web development.

Jazz has always been fascinated by the blockchain world and initially joined the space as an investor a few years ago. He is excited to now take a more active role as a developer for Kleomedes. Jazz mainly spends his free time walking and biking in the mountains.
Software Developer

Blacks is a Software Engineer with 4 years of experience, and his favorite programming languages are Python and Javascript. Recently, his work has focused mostly on machine learning algorithms.

He has been a crypto investor since 2020, and believes that the best is yet to come! He is excited to contribute as a developer for an innovative project like Kleomedes. In his spare time, Blacks loves playing video games but he never turns down an opportunity to spend an evening out with friends.

Enterprise Partners
Our Enterprise Partners bring over 80 years of combined management experience to Kleomedes DAO. Additionally, they have a deep rolodex of contacts that will be essential for the growth of our DAO.
Enterprise Partner - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer

Apapaya has two Engineering master’s degrees and 25+ years of experience in the automotive industry. He has led propulsion systems development and operations for several teams in different countries, including Germany, Italy, U.S., India, China, and Brazil. He believes that a diversity of perspectives and skill sets is crucial for problem solving and is a necessary pillar for building teams that outperform.

Apapaya enjoys listening to and playing music, sailing and watching F1 racing. He loves cooking (and of course, eating) good food, and is still convinced that traveling is the best way to spend money. As an enterprise partner for Kleomedes, he brings to the table expertise in global culture and operations management. Not to mention, he has deep connections with several prestigious universities and believes this will be important for future talent acquisition. He has a passion for learning about blockchain and DeFi, and believes that Kleomedes is a perfect fit for his first crypto venture.
Enterprise Partner - Marketing Director

Thor has 35+ years of experience in marketing and is currently the marketing director for one of the Top-5 Italian radio networks. He has a deep rolodex of contacts across various industries and is the common thread that connects our entire Italian division. His experience in marketing and managing teams will be crucial for our collective growth and success.

Thor is a great tennis player and in his free time, he enjoys watching live soccer. He brings years of real-world work experience to our team, and is always looking for innovative ways to deliver value to new industries. There is no doubt that he has been, and will continue to be, a pillar for Kleomedes as we look to expand our decentralized enterprise.
Enterprise Partner - Senior IT Consultant

Hood is an Electrical Engineer with more than 23 years of experience in the IT world. He has a strong interest and background in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Hood began the first 10 years of his career as a CISSP certified Security Consultant, and after building a deeper knowledge of the industry, he pivoted to sales where he has spent 13 years as a Sales Director for one of the leading IT companies in the world.

Hood strongly believes in Steve Job’s mantra: Stay hungry, stay foolish! In his freetime, he loves underwater fishing and gaming online. Hood also loves spending his time out in nature, specifically in more serene and quiet landscapes.