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Stake your $KLEO and become a part of the Kleomedes community, sharing in its ongoing prosperity and growth.


A token skillfully chiseled

With a stable revenue stream robustly supporting the backing value of a token, there unfolds a whole new world of possibility for tokenomics and how valuation works, revolutionizing the way we understand and interact with digital assets.




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$KLEO launched fairly, distributing tokens to early contributors and stakers without private presales.

A fixed supply of 740 million $KLEO

45% of supply will go to our delegators with 15% allocated to our early delegators on JUNO and the remaining 30% going to those who delegated on all chains we validate.

The governance pool will be allocated 40% of total supply. This includes our development fund (5%), liquidity incentives (5%), marketing fund (5%) and the community fund (25%). Community members who contribute to the DAO in meaningful ways will be eligible to receive KLEO from the community fund.

The team is allocated 15% of supply, with 5% for the core team and 10% for our developers. All team members are subject to a 1 year vesting cliff, which means that no tokens will vest during this time. After 1 year, the remaining tokens will vest linearly over the course of a year. All team tokens will be fully vested after 2 years.

Staking Rewards

After running some financial models, we created a dynamic staking rewards plan to better serve the DAO during our first year of operations. We allocated 15% to our stablecoin treasury and will self-bond 5% of profits from each chain to our own validator. The remaining 80% allocation will be used for DEX Liquidity and KLEO Buybacks, however the allocations will be fluid to promote early liquidity growth.

We will initially use 55% of profits to build liquidity for KLEO and the remaining 45% for buybacks and staking rewards. Over the course of the year, the liquidity allocation will taper down to 15%, while the buyback and staking portions will increase to 85%.

This strategy allows us to build a healthy amount of protocol owned liquidity while token emissions are low. It will also serve as an incentive for users to continue accumulating and staking KLEO. Users who chose to buy and stake KLEO early on will receive a larger share of rewards in the future.

Protocol-owned liquidity

All the liquidity in the official exchange pool on the Osmosis DEX is owned by us. We developed this concept during the creation of the $KLEO tokenomics. Thanks to this innovation, we do not have to worry about offering unsustainable interest to liquidity farmers or facing sudden drops in liquidity.